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The latest Announcement


CUBE is the world's first EVM-compatible Web3.0 public chain. In order to enrich the CUBE ecosystem and facilitate the circulation of assets on the Cube chain, the CUBE Technical Committee has decided to open ERC-20 PEG assets.

Please look for the CUBE ERC-20 Address: 0x6df241103F89983b1fB86244C8601E44ea55368C.

At the same time, the CUBE ecological cross-chain bridge will be launched soon, so stay tuned.


Cube Mainnet Wallet Setup Tutorial>>> or docs about wallet connection

The first batch of supported currencies: BTC/ETH/USDT/USDC/DAI

Token Name Chain Token Contract
BTC Cube 0x040eA5C10e6BA4Badb6c433A365cCC4968697230
ETH Cube 0x57EeA49Ec1087695274A9c4f341e414eb64328c2
USDT Cube 0x79F1520268A20c879EF44d169A4E3812D223C6de
USDC Cube 0x00f0D8595797943c12605cD59bc0D9f63D750cCf
DAI Cube 0x3a1F6e3E6F26E92bB0D07841EB68F8E84f39751E
HT Cube 0xFE99Ea1f1FD9C121Efb602bD4f098f9090c52909
Token Name Chain Token Contract
CUBE Cube /
WCUBE Cube 0x9d3f61338d6eb394e378d28c1fd17d5909ac6591
CUBE ERC20 0x6df241103F89983b1fB86244C8601E44ea55368C

Note: deposite the CUBE into the WCUBE contract can be wrapped as wcube, and vice versa.