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Cube Chain

Introduction to Cube Chain

Cube Chain is a high-performance, modular Layer 1 blockchain that is compatible with the EVM and Cosmos ecosystem. Cube supports a multi-chain and interoperable future through its multi-chain framework and Web 3.0 infrastructure.

Cube’s Value Propositions

To help developers’ evolvement at every stage

  1. Designed with modular architecture for breaking through the Blockchain Trilemma of Decentralization, Scalability, and Security.
  2. Tokenomics is designed to reward individual contributions to network.
  3. High-performance with low gas fees.
  4. Localized infrastructure for geographic strategic partners.
  5. Upgraded development experience with Golang and Solidity.

Technical Features

  1. Modular layered architecture (divided in three layers: Execution Layer, Settlement Layer and Data Availability Layer), built-in Rollup and extreme scaling, supporting hundreds of thousands of TPS.
  2. Full compatibility with Ethereum protocols, EVM and Cosmos ecosystem, supporting a seamless migration of applications within the ecosystem.
  3. Pipelined optimized BFT consensus, combining high throughput, decentralization, security and fast transaction confirmation.
  4. Support DeFi cross-chain calls, multi-chain network structure with own-developed “Time Crossing” decentralized cross-chain communication protocol.

Cube Roadmap

Cube Technical Route
Stage Features Time Sub Stage Technical Points
One Chaos Consensus v1.0 2022 Q1-2022 Q2 Public BetaHigher transaction performance
Lower transaction costs
Fast finality
Node ElectionIncreased decentralization and security
Complete mainstream assets
Basic tools in place
Two Chaos v2.0 2022 Q3 To be announced Reach 5000 TPS
DPoS + random selection
Streamline Consensus
Pipelined processing
Three Time-crossing cross chain protocol 2022 Q4To be announcedMulti-chain structure
Cross Channel: Cross-chain contract calls
IBC Compatibility
Four Settlement Layer & Execution Layer structure 2023 Q2 To be announcedbuilt-in Collaborative rollup
built-in zkRollup(if zkEVM is ready)
extreme scaling
Five Data Availability 2024 To be announcedData availability sampling
Data sharding
Proof of Fraud
50k+ TPS

Vision & Architecture

Cube is a public blockchain that is designed to collaborate and promote the development of the industry, taking into account the current needs of decentralized applications and the future innovation and development. It takes high-performance underlying permissionless blockchain as a new starting point, realizes the ultimate performance optimization of single-chains in phases, supports and promotes the development of Web 3.0 in modular layers, solves storage pain points, forming a permissionless blockchain with complete underlying capabilities that everyone can participate in.


Cube adopts a modular architecture which is divided into three layers: Execution Layer, Settlement Layer and Data Availability Layer.

• Execution Layer: responsible for the execution of almost all contract-based transactions and supports decentralized applications. It is the combination of ZK Rollup and Collaborative Rollup, where the execution results are submitted to the settlement layer and the settlement layer establishes undeniable security as well as objective finality.

• Settlement layer: responsible for verifying and settling the execution results of the execution layer and is also the asset layer, responsible for the management and settlement of the assets on the chain.

• Data availability layer: focusing on data storage, it will store permanently high-value data based on data sharding, and with data availability sampling technologies it can support reliable verification for light clients.

Read the technical-white paper for more information

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Risk Warning

  • All users and developers can participate in the current test environment and subsequent stages of Cube for free.
  • All users must distinguish the Testnet environment from the Mainnet. The assets generated in the test environment Have no monetary value. Be aware of counterfeit currency fraud.
  • Cube announces authorization, promotion and other collaborations only through the official social media platform. Developers and users should check carefully to avoid losses.
  • Do not misread the official website (, be careful about scams or private key phishing.